Audi 80/Avant (B4)

Since 1991-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi 80/Avant
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   Measurement of pressure of compression
   The list of malfunctions
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   The list of malfunctions
   Removal and installation of a head of the block of cylinders
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Greasing system

In the engine it is necessary to grease variety of bearings and friction pairs. Engine oil is necessary for pumping over there under pressure is a duty of the oil pump. It sucks away oil from the oil pallet by means of an inlet tube and squeezes out it in the oil filter of the main oil highway.

If the filter has not been replaced in time also a filter paper is hammered by a dirt the safety valve bypassing the oil filter opens – supply by oil is provided.

From the filter the greasing substance gets through apertures in the block of cylinders to places of greasing of a cranked shaft, an intermediate shaft (only the 4-cylinder engine) and heads of the block of cylinders with a camshaft. Through apertures oil flows down back in the oil pallet, whence the oil pump can take away again it for a following cycle.

The oil pump

The oil pump of the 5-cylinder engine.

1 – an internal rotor; 2 – an external rotor; 3 – a safety valve.

The removed oil pump of the 4-cylinder engine consists of two gear wheels hooked with each other (arrows symbolise rotation directions). Engine oil is soaked up through the chamber (1), oil under pressure gets through the delivery chamber (2) to greasing places in the engine.

In a mode of full loading through the engine in a minute pass 30 l of oil:

    In the 4-cylinder engine already mentioned intermediate shaft is приводным an element for a shaft of the distributor of ignition which transfers rotation to the oil pump. In 5 and the 6-cylinder engine the oil pump is located in a movement direction in front directly on cranked to a shaft.
    The way of action of oil pumps in different engines Audi also differs. The 4-cylinder engine is supplied шестеренным by the oil pump. Two gear wheels of the identical size entering each other simply pump over oil from the admission party to the forcing party. 5 and 6-cylinder engines are greased роторным with the oil pump of system Eaton. Here the external gear wheel is located in an internal gear wheel (these are both rotors). Thanks to the special form and not coaxial arrangement of an internal rotor at joint rotation of both gear wheels new and new hollows in which the lowered pressure dominates are formed. Thanks to rotating gear wheels oil is pumped over to the target party of the pump and therefrom in lubricant channels.

Oil temperature

For reliable work of the engine the oil temperature is very important. This information, however, is accessible to driver Audi only by means of the built in additional devices. For the purpose of comparison the engine oil temperature on a flange of the oil filter or in the oil pump is interesting; there oil is the coldest. On piston rings temperatures to 300С, on the contrary, can dominate.

If at you the car is equipped by the oil thermometer: Audi names temperature in 145С in the oil pallet as as much as possible admissible. Provided that high-quality engine oil corresponding to requirements is applied.

However and too low temperature of oil is harmful to the engine. In this case oil yet has not reached the full greasing ability. Therefore you after cold start whenever possible should not disperse the engine over 3500 rpm until the oil temperature will not rise approximately to 60С. It is considered that in comparison with a cooling liquid it is required to engine oil approximately to twice more time before it will reach the working temperature.

Pressure of oil

If in your car the oil manometre you can check pressure of oil within accuracy of measuring devices is built in. Check conditions: seasonal oil of class SAE 20 W/20, 80C oil temperature, the engine rotates about 2000 rpm. You should receive following indicators:

 The engine
Pressure of oil at 2000 rpm

Pressure of oil maximum (to increase frequency of rotation)

Minute 2,0 bar
(There is no data)
Minute 2,0 bar
макс. 5,3 – 6,3 bar
макс. 4,5 – 6 bar

(There is no data)

However behind pressure of oil in car Audi fine supervision and without devices is conducted. Two switches care of it with a hydrodrive. In more details about this monitoring system you learn Devices and auxiliary devices in the head.