Audi 80/Avant (B4)

Since 1991-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi 80/Avant
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      Check of a mode of idling and the analysis of exhaust gases
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Check of a mode of idling and the analysis of exhaust gases

Car Audi 80 with the 5-cylinder engine is supplied by automatic control of frequency of idling. The adjusting bolt is absent - so even there is nothing to regulate. If frequency of rotation in an idling mode gets off, it simply check. In correct conditions of check (about it more low) the following indicator of frequency of rotation 720 – 860 rpm should be established.

If you have received other sizes:


    To check up all parts of inlet system (the pipeline, sealing linings) on tightness. Getting not considered air can so strongly to change frequency of rotation in an idling mode that the distributive valve of stabilisation of idling cannot establish it even. To interrogate in a workshop memory of the store of malfunctions. Probably, in system there is other malfunction.

Check conditions


    Conditions of check of frequency of rotation in an idling mode are correctly adjusted ignition, the engine, heated-up to working temperature, and also serviceable systems of injection and ignition. Further it is necessary to disconnect all consumers of an electric current in the car. The fan of system of cooling should not work. To remove the ventilating pipeline картера below the distributor, to muffle a tube to an inlet collector (approaches заглушка an intaking tubule oxide carbon). To extend oil measuring probe and to close a rag an aperture of a directing tube. Densely to close a hose from the case throttle заслонки to the valve of system of evaporation of fuel above on a thick sleeve of an air inlet a clip or пассатижами.

The analysis of exhaust gases

In house conditions check of the maintenance WITH usually is not spent, as this procedure is obligatory at passage of annual checkup. Besides, the special device is for this purpose necessary.

In a workshop it is measured in addition and a current in a chain of a regulator of pressure because a pressure regulator, as well as the valve of stabilisation of idling, should be within the limits of the basic adjustment in the middle of a standard range. If it not so it means that, despite a standard indicator WITH, in injection system exists malfunction (in most cases – негерметичность as it was already mentioned).

It is necessary to check in the same conditions, as at idling regulation.


    To connect the device for measurement WITH to a special tube ahead in a motor compartment. To watch for dense прилеганием. To disconnect штекерное connection to a ljambda-probe. To get the engine and to leave to work in an idling mode. The test for the maintenance WITH in the fulfilled gases should show 0,1—1,1 % WITH. If necessary to adjust WITH the adjusting screw. Заглушку over the adjusting screw to remove as follows: to drill in заглушке an aperture in diameter of 2,5 mm. To screw there the self-cutting screw of 3 mm and to pull out заглушку nippers.

     Important: when the adjusting key is put to an adjusting bolt, in no event it is impossible to press an accelerator pedal. The key always should be taken out.

    After each process of adjustment for a short while to squeeze out an accelerator pedal before to read out an indicator WITH.

 The help: everything that you should know about the test for toxicity of the fulfilled gases, action check каталитического neutralizer, check of a ljambda-probe and тросовом "a gas" drive, you will find in the head System of injection Mono-Motronic.