Audi 80/Avant (B4)

Since 1991-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi 80/Avant
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   The list of malfunctions
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Malfunctions of the fan of system of cooling

Except the jammed thermostat and torn клинового a belt, the faulty fan of system of cooling, however only at long work on single turns can become the reason too a heat of a cooling liquid. But the faulty fan should not mean the trip end:

    After the engine has cooled down, it is possible to go to the nearest workshop on average turns and in rather fast rate. Thus it is necessary to watch the indicator of temperature and a control bulb. Engine work on single turns and slow driving can appear for the engine deadly. Thus through a radiator practically does not pass cooling air. If it is necessary to go further on low speed it is better to begin immediately searches of the reasons of malfunctions and if necessary to "bypass" a thermoswitch.

Search of malfunctions

Illustrations show a thermoswitch of function of inclusion of the fan of system of cooling after engine cessation of work, at the left at the 4-cylinder engine, on the right at 5-cylinder.


    To begin with it is necessary to check up a corresponding safety lock in the additional block of the relay at the left under a control panel. (Head Kuzovnaja electrosystem). If it is perfectly in order, separate the thermoswitch tip. Connect both contacts in a tip of a wire a wire slice. At the two-level thermostat it is necessary to connect all three штекерных a uvula. If the fan at the included ignition starts to work, it means that the thermoswitch excluded from an electric chain (on test) is faulty. For the further movement it is necessary to fix well a wire in tips and заизолировать its sticky tape or a plaster in order to avoid short circuit. If the thermoswitch detachment has not led to success, check the fan relay in the central switchboard (the electrosystem see head Kuzovnaja): if both crosspieces of a thermoswitch "are bypassed", at the included ignition contacts in the relay should is distinctly heard to become isolated. If it is audible nothing, it is necessary to "bypass" the relay auxiliary means. For this purpose to connect uvulas of the tip of the relay of plugs 30 and 87 slice of a wire (a writing paper clip) and to insert the relay. The fan of system of cooling should earn now and at the switched off ignition. If it has occurred, means, the relay is faulty. The wire crosspiece can remain in an extreme case established and at movement. After end of a trip it is necessary for removing. If and in this case has not followed any reaction, check the fan motor: To disconnect a tip of a wire at the engine of the fan and to lay instead from contact of a red-black wire an auxiliary wire to a positive conclusion of the accumulator. Shtekernoe connection of a brown wire needs to be connected directly to a negative conclusion. If крыльчатка still does not rotate, means, the fan engine is faulty – it is necessary to replace. If the fan has earned, it is necessary to check up the relay (the electrosystem see head Kuzovnaja), tips of wires, and also all cable connections from a thermoswitch and the fan. You can continue bravely movement even with the fan, запитанным is direct from the storage battery. It is necessary to lay auxiliary conducting so that there was no short circuit. In the models equipped in appropriate way the second step of the fan or the device for inclusion of the fan after engine cessation of work receives a food through a red-dark blue wire. For check of this step of the fan connect + a wire to a red-dark blue wire штекерного engine contact.

Removal of the fan of system of cooling

The fan of system of cooling is necessary for removing from a radiator together with a back protective casing of a radiator – so-called царгой the fan:


    Models with 4-cylinder engines: to turn out fixing bolts above on царге the fan. To separate the tip from the engine of the fan and to disconnect a plait of wires. To extend царгу from arms on a bottom edge. Models with 5-cylinder engines: to remove a broad tank with a cooling liquid. Hoses remain connected. To weaken four fixing bolts on царге. To disconnect tips on the fan engine. To take out царгу together with the fan engine. Models with 6-cylinder engines: removal is made as at the 4-cylinder engine, however wires to fan engines below on the left longeron should be disconnected from "weight" or from резисторной payments. For this purpose to remove the bottom protection of a motor compartment (the head body Elements). All models: for separation of the engine and царги to weaken three fixing nuts.